Sat. Jul 20th, 2024

CBet, or a continuation bet, is a type of poker strategy used when betting on the flop once the player raises on the pre-flop. In other words, the player is following up their initial wager with a subsequent wager. Usually, a player will use the CBet strategy in order to represent their strong hand.

In the world of poker, CBetting is a common strategy. This type of betting practice allows the player to earn a bigger value over the long haul while still controlling their hand, the hand of their competition and the size of the pot. Typically, a CBet totals from one-half to two-thirds of the entire pot. Therefore, CBetting carries a relatively high rate of success, particularly when used in a one-on-one poker game.

You can better understand the concept of CBetting by considering this hypothetical situation. After everyone has folded but the big blind, who has upped the previous $90 pot by $40, the total pot is now at $130. The chemistry of the flop is straight and flush. Your competition goes first; he decides to check. Since the board as a couple of draws, you choose to bet $85, which is two-thirds of the pot. Now, the pot equals $215. This textbook example is called a continuation bet.

When it comes to playing against one person, CBetting is a standard practice. By representing your strength before the game’s flop, you are able to display the same strength after the flop. But it is usually too risky to wager a CBet against multiple players, and the failure rate is much higher. For example, if three callers were left before the flop, there is a very small chance of you being able to take over the pot on the flop, particularly when betting king high.

In order to profit on your CBets, classify the player who called on your pre-flop bet. And wager smaller CBets in order to risk less money or when you flop a big hand. You can also add value to your hand when going against aggressive, loose players by raising the pot in small increments. The aforementioned type of opponent is highly likely to re-raise if your hand is strong.

If you have never used a CBet before, the best way to learn is by observing other players. Even if you are not participating in the game, experienced poker players can show you a lot. Through them, you can gain a better familiarity with CBetting and other poker strategies.

By Julia