Tue. Apr 23rd, 2024

The largest city of Nevada, and the 28th most populous city of the US, Las Vegas claims to be the Entertainment Capital of the World, and it sure lives up to its nickname. People of all ages and all cultures consider Vegas to be their favorite get-away resort. Fancy shops, large casinos, expensive restaurants, wedding chapels and more can be found on every corner of the street.

Vegas gained its ‘city’ title in 1911 and for 100 years it has become the capital city of fun. Its skyline is unquestionably bright and unique. The tall, extraordinarily shaped buildings can be noticed from far away. In the one hand, it’s the perfect destination for families, considering the great food, huge resorts and fun activities; on the other hand, it’s also perfect for all people who want to let go and enjoy the nightlife. Vegas is a top destination for honeymoons as well!

But what has made this city become so popular within such a short timeline? One of the best explanations would be the easy access from the west coast cities. People worked very hard and they needed to spend some leisure time. Vegas soon became their first choice, considering all the amusing day-activities it offered and the electrifying nightlife.

As of 1995, there were 1,271 gaming licenses in Clark County (the country where Las Vegas is located), 122,800 slot machines and 3,896 live table games including poker. No other county in North America offers that many casinos. Other than that, there are 35 wedding chapels serving thousands of couples every year. The life in Vegas is very fascinating, indeed.

Vegas has often been called “The Marriage Capital of the World”, “Capital of Second Chances” but the most famous nickname for sure is “Sin City”. Despite the fact that there are so many casinos, you would be amazed to hear that the largest casino is not located in the US. (it’s in Connecticut!). But if this amazing place is not the home to the largest casino, it is home to the biggest number of limousines serving the city – over 300.

As a conclusion, the Sin City is not a destination for the faint-hearted; it is only for those who want to see what this thrilling city has to offer and want to have the time of their lives. But the biggest advice for those visiting the treasure of Nevada is to stay conscious. “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”, they say.

By Julia