Sat. Jul 20th, 2024

Every now and then you hear the poker community cry “poker is dead” when a new solver comes out. However, there are still millions of people gambling in online poker. The poker sites keep innovating, creating new variants and enticing new players in. So, in this blog post, I’m going to address a few reasons why poker is harder but why there’s hope too.

Crossovers from casino

The online gambling industry is booming and growing all over the world. Whilst most American states don’t allow gambling, there are still hundreds of places in the world where it’s fine. With it, comes players moving from an online casino Malaysia to a poker room, not knowing the basics. These players are perfect to play against. They don’t care about poker strategy or hand charts; they’ve come to gamble with us. These crossovers are great for the poker industry and keeps the game thriving.

No more HUDS

Many of the major online poker sites have banned the use of HUDs. This is a great step forward for the online poker community as it means the playing field is being levelled. Regs won’t be able to exploit everyone as easy anymore. We’re all on the same level and it means poker should be softer because of it. Regs will be making far more mistakes and this can only be a good thing. Sure, there will be players moaning that they can’t see the important stats anymore, but who cares! We want poker to be softer and with sites banning HUDS, it will be.


Loads of players seem to like using Twitch in 2021. This is a great thing because it makes people think they are expert. Viewers are watching very average poker players offer poker advice or tips that are quite simply bad. Sure, there are some good poker players on Twitch, but they are far outweighed by the bad players streaming. If the viewers are trying to replicate their strategy, they won’t go very far and this makes poker easier in 2021.

By Julia