Sat. Jul 20th, 2024

One very simple tip which can greatly increase your profits is to use a four colour deck. That means each suit is a different color. What this does is it decreases the likelihood that you’ll make a mistake. You may think that you can see the differences between the suits without the suits being different colors but the fact is even the pros make mistakes. They look at their cards quickly and then play the rest of that hand believing that their cards are different to what they actually are. This can be both embarrassing but more importantly costly.

Poker like football is a game of inches; one mistake in a big tournament and you could go from being a tournament leader to being right down the bottom or even knocked out. If playing a cash game you could lose hundreds or even thousands simply because you miss read your cards initially and bet higher than you would of otherwise. This is why it’s so important to do everything in your power to avoid making stupid mistakes.

The point is even though they don’t happen very often when they do happen they can cost you lots. That’s why it makes sense to do everything you can to avoid making such mistakes. Making the suits a different colour may seem trivial but it will better allow you to read your cards and read the cards on the table. It means for example that you won’t think you have a flush when you don’t or alternatively not see a flush that you do which results in you throwing away a really good hand.

It’s the 1%ers like this which are the difference between good players and professionals. The bottom line is unless you take precautions you will make mistakes and lose money needlessly.

By Julia