Sat. Jul 20th, 2024

The Rise of Poker In Australia

Poker is growing in popularity everywhere you go. If you visit any major city in the UK or in the United States, you will see the effect that poker has had on the surrounding communities. Bingo fundraisers have turned into poker fundraisers, and now the kids are all talking about poker instead of other forms of gaming. What has happened in the past few years in regards to poker has been truly incredible. But if you think the poker effect has only been felt in the US and the UK, you are sadly mistaken. One of the countries in the world that has experienced the biggest surge in poker popularity has been Australia. Most people don’t think of Australia when they think of poker, but it is one of the rising hotbeds of Texas Hold’em, Stud poker and Omaha Hi.

Online poker in Australia

Poker has also penetrated the online zone in Austalia and there are several online poker rooms that offer the Australian player a uniqe xeprience. One of those sites is Read this 888 Poker Review before signing up and making a deposit.

Poker Events in Australia

Most people don’t understand the scope of poker in Australia. Most people think that the success of poker, both online and off, only really caught on in the United States and Europe. But, this couldn’t be further from the truth. If you ever visit Australia at the beginning of the year, you will witness one of the premier poker events in the world, the Aussie Millions. The Aussie Millions is an Australian poker tournament that is held at the Crown Casino in Melbourne every year.

However, the Aussie Millions isn’t the only popular poker event in Australia. If you know the right people, you will be able to find some relatively high stakes home poker games in almost every town and city. To say that poker is popular in Australia is an understatement.

Top Australian Poker Players

Look in any major poker tournament field and you are sure to find a large portion of the players hailing from Australia. If you are lucky, you will find some of the really big name Australian poker players like Joe Hachem and Shane Warne.

Shane Warne’s situation is unique. If you are a fan of cricket, you have no doubt heard that name before. Shane was actually a very well known professional cricket player before he retired from the game. In his spare time, he picked up poker as a hobby and has become one of the best players that Australia has to offer. You can usually see him at a few final tables representing Australia and showing the world that Australian poker players are some of the best in the world.

By Julia